Thursday, May 5, 2011

If you are not back linking regularly, you are missing out on a deluge of traffic.

While it can be quite a tedious process, it does produce results. The best way to backlink is to dedicate about 30-60 minutes each day to this task. If you do not have the time then hire someone to do it for you.

You should backlink to sites that are relevant to your business. If for example, you sell nutritional products, then you can backlink to other nutritional websites or to healthy food websites. When people are looking for information on health, healthy food or nutrition, they will come across the websites that you have backlinked to.

In order to capitalize on this, you need to make intelligent comments on those websites that are relevant to the specific topic. People will then read the topic and perhaps want to make a comment themselves or they will read the comments to get more information. If you have made an intelligent comment then you stand a good chance that someone will visit your website.

It is no secret that success with online marketing is about getting targeted traffic to your website. If someone has read a comment that you have made and taken time to visit your website, then that person would qualify as targeted prospect in my book.

Have you ever used fliers as a means of promoting a product or a service? Back in the early 90s in South Africa it was a very cost-effective way for people to promote what they had to offer. Every day I would go to various traffic lights in areas nearby to me and hand them out for about two hours. I had a team of people with me and we managed to get out an incredible amount of pamphlets each day. We did get business in that way even though it was not targeted traffic, not everyone who received a flier was necessarily looking for what we were offering.  Another issue was that the lifespan of each flier was not too long as at some point it would get thrown away.

With backlinking however there are two differences that work in your favor, one is that it is targeted traffic if you  do it right and secondly, links do not get thrown away. They last for as long as that website is still up on the Internet. There is also no printing cost to the linking either as is the case with producing pamphlets or fliers. This sounds like the mother lode of traffic to your website.

You do however need to be careful that you do not spam when backlinking. If you do this then your comments will simply be deleted and you will have wasted a ton of time. If you choose backlinking as a way to drive traffic to your website then rather hire someone to do it.

Our backlinking service works as follows, we will do 30 minutes per day of backlinking for you at a rate of US$10 or ZAR 70 per hour. We only accept orders of at least 10 hours as anything less is ineffective. You need to tell us what kind of sites you want us to backlink to and we will get onto it. While we strive to do 30 minutes per day, it is possible that we might miss a day, however you will will get the hours that you have paid for. On request we will make sure that we only link to sites that have the page rank (PR) that you request. Most people accept backlinking to sites with a PR of 3 or more.

We will email you a Google spreadsheet with all the sites that your site has been backlinked to. The dates and times will also be documented on the sheet. We are running a special at the moment for anyone who orders and pays for 10 hours before 07/05/2011. Anyone who does this will get two articles of 250 words written and posted to an article submission site for free.

Contact us today so that you can start increasing traffic to your website today!

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