Monday, March 7, 2011

I am the Naked Copywriter

Yes, I am at it again...

It is after midnight and I can't sleep, so I am sitting here writing.

That is what us writers do when thoughts are milling around in our heads and there is nothing we can do to fall asleep. I have tried to visualize, but that didn't lull me to sleep, so now I am here. This was supposed to be an early night for me...

Why did I build this site and why the strange and somewhat revealing title?

Well, I am a copywriter and when it is hot, I like to get undressed and work with the gentle sea-breeze on my back, as I am doing now. Nothing too revealing and nothing weird or sinister. Just plain and simple. I am a copywriter and my nudity sets me apart from others.

Of course there is also the fact that I am good at what I do, but everyone says that. I bet I am the only good, nude copy writer around!

As for the content of the site, I will be sharing some awesome tips with you to help you get traffic to your site.


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