Monday, March 7, 2011

How traffic to Your Site Can Increase with Article Marketing

There are tens of thousands of articles on the Internet about SEO and how to increase your page rankings and traffic to your site.

Links are valuable but unless you know what you are doing, are hard to come by. Search engines don’t rate link farms highly.

Link farms are endless links that are great for back linking, but useless to humans who want information. I have actively been actively enhancing my Internet presence since 2008. It can take months for Search Engine Optimization results to be seen.

This makes "selling" SEO to customers hard. They are required to pay us month after month and it can take 6 months or so before they will start to see any tangible results. This is the nature of SEO.

Bringing traffic to a site is not a specific BIG event, but rather a LOT of little things done consistently over time. These small things add up to BIG RESULTS.

Article marketing is one of the most effective tools in our SEO arsenal, but most clients say that they can’t write, or they cannot write well enough. If this is the case, hire an expert (like me) to do it for you.

A good SEO optimized article contains keywords that are naturally written into the content in strategic places. I will then submit the articles for you to article directories and include your details in the resource box. By posting just 1 article consistently, every day, you will see your traffic to your site increase drastically in a few short months.

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